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Siberian Chrome Diopside Gems from Russian Mines

We have a mine located in Siberia (in Russia), and we produce ten to fifteen thousand carats of faceted chrome diopside per month. It is cut mainly into calibrated sizes, with few free-size large stones. It is also separated by quality, AA, A, AB, B, and C.

Most likely you are here because you need a reliable and reasonable Chrome Diopside source. We are siteholders with over 30 years of experience in the gem business. And we're ready to provide you with exactly the gems you need.

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Chrome Diopside is a beautiful green stone. It is highly refractive which gives it great sparkle (nearly twice the refraction index compared to emerald). It is rare! Diopside is found all over the planet, but the rare top-gem-quality chrome diopside is found in Siberia. In Siberia, it is too cold to mine during the winter, making an extra task of keeping production levels even throughout the year. On the MOHS scale of hardness, it is rated a 6-6.5, and is suitable for jewelry. It is best to cut the diopside in shapes with rounded corners -- such as oval or round. It has two planes, so you have to be extra careful when you facet it. This is also why there is approximately 90% loss on the rough. (So to cut 10 carats of polished Chrome Diopside will require 100 carats of the rough.)

Vertelite is the gem name for Chrome Diopside that comes from our mines. It is named from the latin root Vert (green) and lite (stone).

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions through email info@diopsidemines.com.

01 Chrome Diopside is believed to reinvigorate the body and soothe the soul.
02 This beautiful green gem has higher refraction than an emerald.
03 Chrome Diopside is a gem found in Siberia - and is commonly known as the Russian Emerald.
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