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What Some Believe About Chrome Diopside...

Being from the Earth, natural and untreated, it is believed that when worn close to the chest (such as in a pendant), is good for your health. People say it aids in circulation giving better vision and helps prevent heart problems.

With sparkling brilliance and tremendous refraction, chrome diopside lets your inner beauty radiate for all to see. Others will take notice and feel comfort in your presence.

Chrome Diopside allows for a deeper connection, not only with people, but also with more subtle awareness that is truly something to treasure.

Financial Success
Green is the color of Chrome Diopside, and money. Green has long been associated with wealth so great it is beyond the boundaries of the mind.

Many feel that Chrome Diopside should be added to the Birthstone chart for the month of May.

01 Perfect for jewelry - available in most calibrated shapes and sizes.
02 Chrome Diopside requires special cutting expertise -- only about 10% of the rough ends up in a polished gem.
03 Chrome Diopside is an all natural untreated gemstone -- no heat, no radiation, no diffusion and no oils are used. This makes Chrome Diopside the most pure semi-precious gem available.
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