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Siberian Russian Gem Mining Information

Chrome Diopside is a gem found in Siberia - and is commonly known as the Russian Emerald. It is very rare, and prices have been climbing steadily as it makes a name for itself in the marketplace. Prices climb due to market recognition of its beauty, its rarity, and general lack of overall supply.

Mining Chrome Diopside can be very tough to do. In sub-zero temperatures, a man's strength is diminished greatly. Too much exposure can result in hypothermia and death. Miners take every precaution and can not mine during the bone-crushing winter months.

Chrome Diopside Mines are found near kimberlite shafts near the mountains in Siberia. Because we are the siteholders of this mine, we can provide you with as much quantity gems as you need and at the right price. Whether you are a small jewelry manufacturer looking for several hundred carats to test in a few pieces, or you are a big manufacturer looking to make thousands of identical pieces for a major, we can be your steady and consistent supplier.

Our sorting and grading is second to none. And the goods we cut are calibrated sizes, so that means less work for the jeweler.

01 Chrome Diopside is believed to reinvigorate the body and soothe the soul.
02 Chrome Diopside requires special cutting expertise -- only about 10% of the rough ends up in a polished gem.
03 Perfect for jewelry - available in most calibrated shapes and sizes.
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